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Issue Drive is an end-to-end web-based issue tracking and management interface that allows users to report and enter issues and see which issues have been assigned to them. Issue Drive also allows users to indicate the customer experiencing the issue (whether external or internal), date of submission, detailed descriptions and to keep track of solutions or work-around. Furthermore, managers can use the interface to manage resolution priorities, set an urgency value by issue, and assign issues to the appropriate group within the company. With customizable workflows, the managers can create step-by-step issue resolution processes depending on type of issue, to ensure appropriate actions are taken to effectively resolve and communicate resolution to appropriate parties.

Collaboration and communication being the key factors, Issue Drive allows all participants to share information about issues, view active and resolved issues; from any browser, anywhere in the world and at any time of the day, and to make use of the communication functions within the interface, such as trigger automated emailing and status updates.

Issue Drive makes issue management efficient, by allowing companies to create a knowledge base and to effectively communicate issues within the organization and reach issue resolutions.

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