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Data Center


Our servers' data center is located in Montreal, Canada, and is renown for its security and availability.

Technical Information

  • 15 000 square foot facility
  • 12 000 square foot of datacenter floor
  • 2 Air Conditioning Units totalling 52 Tons
  • Glycol Dry Cooling System
  • Biometric Sensors, Cameras and Secured Access
  • 600A of 600v input power
  • 500KW Diesel Generator
  • 375KVA UPS Units


Our Network currently has a 9Gbps capacity through 1Gbps ports of four different transit providers.

Our redundant evolving network is linked to important upstream suppliers that connects to hundreds of exchange partners which assures a constant Internet connection, superior diverse routing and the bottom line: increased Internet efficiency.'s network availability is 100% without any loss of packets or single point of failure.

Primary High Quality Network Transit

  • 2Gbps Fibers to Teleglobe
  • 3Gbps Fibers to Videotron
  • 1Gbps Fiber to Peer1
  • 1Gbps Peering at TorIX

Incoming Traffic, Direct Peers and Backup Transit

  • 2Gbps Fibers to Cogent
  • On-Site Cogent POP

Data Backups

Each database server has a back-up server that replicates the data in real-time. The mirror server can be used in case of a critical problem with the main server.

In addition nightly data back-ups are performed and stored on an off-site secure server, ensuring data files redundancy.

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